Pros And Cons Of Undergoing Labiaplasty Surgery

Many women, though they may never express it for social reasons, are unhappy with the shape and appearance of their labia. More specifically, it is not uncommon for women to feel that their labia are too large or too long. If you're in this situation, you may be wondering whether a procedure called labiaplasty is worth it. This is a cosmetic gynecology treatment in which the labia are shortened and made smaller. [Read More]

Women's Health: 5 Factors That Determine Your Health Screening Schedule

Does your primary care physician still recommend a yearly check-up? If your primary concern is about the cost and the pain of this procedure, find out how your health screening schedule gets determined. Read on to learn more about how your doctor determines the best screening schedule for you. 1. Your Age Everyone goes through various physical changes that require professional advice to navigate. A gynecologist offers different health schedules for teenagers and adults. [Read More]