The Role of Dietitians in the Journey of Weight Management

The journey towards weight management is often fraught with challenges. Assistance from a professional such as a dietitian can make this path less daunting. The role played by dietitians in weight management cannot be overstated, as they provide valuable guidance and support. Dietitians are health professionals trained in the science of nutrition. Their role is to assist individuals in making dietary changes to achieve their health goals. In the context of weight management, dietitians offer tailored advice based on an individual's specific needs and circumstances. [Read More]

What You Can Do To Manage Your Weight

Managing your weight as you age can be difficult. When you begin to go into menopause, it can be even more difficult to keep weight off. You may gain weight at a rapid pace, even if you are still active, and this may be because of how quickly your metabolism slows down when you age and with the changes to your hormones. If you have a difficult time losing weight, there are options to help you better manage your weight. [Read More]